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The floral garden: a large bouquet of nature and sensations.

The floral garden “Les Jardins du Temps” is rich in plant varieties, scents and artistic pictures in order to delight everybody!

A floral garden arranged for the pleasure.

«Les Jardins du Temps» are composed of 9 different scenes. These settings are developed around an imaginary line, materialized by the vegetable garden, the maze garden, the shade garden and the “Tulipier of Virginia”, planted at the end of the floral garden. The floral garden «Les Jardins du Temps» contains an exceptional variety of colors, landscapes and plants: • 150 sorts of trees and shrubs, • 60 types of ornamental grasses, bamboos and ferns, • 500 species different of perennials and bulbs, • 50 varieties of rose trees, identified by their name.

Leave quietly to discover the natural landscapes of the floral garden, where time stops its flight! •