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Who are we ?

History of the floral garden «Les Jardins du Temps».

a propos du jardin« Les Jardins du Temps » are born after 10 years of installation and plantations. Located in Illzach, close to Mulhouse, it illustrates our passion for gardening, and our desire to create spaces artistic in full nature.

A great project for 2 garden lovers.

Our growing interest in gardening is born with the installation of our first small garden. Autodidacts as regards garden, we are becoming more and more interested by reading documentations on gardening, visiting gardens and plants fairs, etc A real passion drives us in a garden that quickly becomes too narrow! We decide to pass to high speed with the creation of a floral garden of almost 2 hectares, parallel to our professional activities. The project of «Les Jardins du Temps» begins in autumn 1999.

A floral garden arranged with patience

The installation of the floral garden begins in 2003. Between administrative approaches, work, plans of plantation and choice of the plants: we choose to share the jobs. But we both dig, weed, cut and patiently transform the ground. The floral garden of «Les Jardins du Temps» are opened to visitors since May 22, 2010. They are 10 years of work, passion and pleasure that we are happy to share with our visitors.

Our guest rooms are inspired by the landscape of flowered gardens

le parc floral
The idea to build guest rooms is born with the installation of our floral garden. With sight on the Gardens, the guest rooms offer a lodging of quality, in a remarkable and natural environment. We wished to personalize each of the 5 guest rooms, thus decorated according to a vegetable element: the tree “Ginkgo Biloba”, the old rose tree “President de Sèze”, the bamboo “Bamboo” the agapanthus “Agapanthus” and the poppy “Poppies”.


  • phone 03 89 52 28 96 or 06 80 327 317,
  • email : contact[at]

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Les Jardins du Temps

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