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Our guest rooms

The 4 guest rooms of «Les Jardins du Temps», in Alsace

vue du jardin depuis le batiment«Les Jardins du Temps» welcome you in 4 guest rooms including a family room with all comfort and admirably decorated. Each room is personalized according to an element of the floral garden of «Les Jardins du Temps». Book your room of host as of now!

Single and personalized: our guest rooms of charm

Our 4 guest rooms are arranged to accommodate any type of profile: tourists visiting our area or of passage on the way of the holidays. The professionals in displacement will find here an environment more intimate than the hotel. The amateurs of gardens will appreciate the places particularly. The families with children will profit from all the space which is necessary for them. Colored and completely different, our guest rooms are equipped with all comfort necessary.

  • Ginkgo Biloba

    Ginkgo Biloba

  • Ginkgo Biloba

    Ginkgo Biloba

  • Coin Salon

    Coin Salon

  • bureau


  • Coin détente Ginkgo

    Coin détente Ginkgo

  • Bureau Ginkgo Biloba

    Bureau Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba

A bowl of fresh air

This room of hosts bears the name of the tree to the thousand crowns, symbol of resistance and longevity. Breathe the harmony alleviating of the color mole, allied with the dynamism of the green anise. The resolutely vegetable tendency of Ginkgo Biloba continues with the use of white cane furniture.

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  • Président de Sèze

    Président de Sèze

  • Coin détente

    Coin détente

  • Vue sur le jardin enneigé

    Vue sur le jardin enneigé

  • Noël chez Sèze

    Noël chez Sèze

Président de Sèze

A soft escape

Placed under the auspices of the rose tree former “President de Sèze”, the guest room preserves the main features of them: pink powdered glass dusting and violine color, whitewood furniture…

President de Sèze is full with softness. One nothing female, it inspires luxury, peace and pleasure.

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  • Bamboo


  • Bamboo


  • Vue sur jardin

    Vue sur jardin

  • Fauteuils Bamboo

    Fauteuils Bamboo

  • Bureau Bamboo

    Bureau Bamboo


An exotic voyage

A plunge in the red and gray universe of the stylized bamboo: exoticism and expatriation assured for this guest room! The dark exotic wood pieces of furniture take part in environment and invite to the voyage or the appeasing, according to your mood.

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  • 1_Poppies lit

    1_Poppies lit

  • 2_Poppies coin chaise

    2_Poppies coin chaise

  • 3_poppies bureau

    3_poppies bureau

  • 4_sdb suite

    4_sdb suite

  • 5_agap


  • 6_agap


  • 7_agap


The family suite

The Family Suite made up of 2 rooms (Poppies & Agapanthus) being able to welcome 5 people. A shared bathroom equipped with 2 basins and separate WC.

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A blow of glare
This room, tonic and pepsi, will not leave you indifferent. The orange sharp of the poppy and of the wise gray mouse will charm you. You will enjoy pieces of furniture of amusing style and plenty of details.


One moment of serenity
Calm and wise with the image of the Agapanthus, emblematic flower of South Africa, its blue and beige colors are largely declined on the furniture known as “of recovery” or “customized”. A whole program!

The pleasant and welcoming guest rooms

Our guest rooms are located in Alsace, at the entrance of Illzach, in a building made of wood. The building of the guest rooms was built in an ecological approach (it uses a thermodynamic heating water, a wood stove with pellets, a ventilation system doubles flow…).

The court of the building is closed and acted as private carpark, reserved in particular for our hosts. You find there also a shelter of bicycles, and a ground of game of bowls for parts of pleasure and relaxation!

Just behind our guest rooms, our floral garden of 2 hectares is opened for visit. The hosts of our rooms are entitled to an unlimited and free access to the floral garden.